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Hi, I'm Anthony St.Pierre and thanks for dropping by.... My dedication to Java Programming  is reflected in my teaching of Java in a very unique way.  My free "Getting started with Java" study series is sent out to thousands of programmers each week and every day I get "thank you" letters from my students saying how much these studies are helping them.

In this free study series, I teach you the techniques of the pros.  Not only that but I also give you the most amazing piece of FREE software which all of the pro programmers are using to build their applications...Using both the techniques I give you and the free software you will see huge advances in your Java programming abilities.

Here Are A Few Things You Will Learn...

  • How To Set Up For Java The Quick Easy Way
  • How To Learn The Basics Quickly
  • How To Build Java Swing GUI's
  • How To Build Stand Alone Java Applications

   ...and much more...


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